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We bought all the lures at Walmart!

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

I am sure sometimes you think that how much you spent on useless lures over the years and you hope to get that money back ? well you are not alone.

Everytime I go to big a box store, I make stop at fishing aisle and get dizzy and start getting overwhelmed with all the options. We have hundreads of lures in our tackle box but there are always some go to ones that we know it works for sure but the feeling of what if there is a better one that makes us keep buying and not actually the need most of the time.

This year we decided to try it all and hope to end this cycle. We bought one of every bait, lure in Walmart and try it all. It costed $967 but if you think about it is good investment to experimenting it all and stop the wonder (at least few seasons).

As we walked through the fishing aisle, we were amazed at the sheer number of lures available. There were lures of all shapes, sizes, and colors, each claiming to be the perfect choice for catching bass.

We decided to be adventurous and buy one of each lure in the hope of finding the ultimate bass-catching weapon. It was a bit of a splurge, but we figured it would be worth it if we could find the perfect lure.

Over the course of the summer, we dedicated ourselves to testing each and every one of the lures we had purchased in MI. We fished in a variety of locations, including lakes, streams, and rivers in Michigan and used each lure in different conditions to see how it performed.

After countless hours of fishing and experimenting, we had finally narrowed down our top selection.

First on our list was the Rapala X-Rap.

This lure was versatile and effective in a variety of situations. Its unique action and realistic appearance seemed to attract the bass, and we consistently had success with it. We especially liked using it for trolling and casting in deeper water.

Next on our list was the Strike King KVD Square Bill Crankbait

. This lure was a bit of a surprise for us, as we had never used a square bill crankbait before. However, it quickly became one of our go-to lures. Its unique shape allowed it to deflect off of cover, making it perfect for fishing in weeds and around structure. We also found that the bass seemed to love the loud, rhythmic sound it made as it moved through the water.

Another standout lure for us was the Yum Dinger.

This soft plastic lure had a natural, lifelike action that seemed to drive the bass wild. We particularly liked using it for finesse fishing and slow-rolling it along the bottom. It was also great for fishing in clear water, as the bass seemed to be attracted to the subtle movement of the lure.

One final lure that we found to be extremely effective was the Zoom Super Fluke.

This soft plastic jerkbait had a natural swimming action that seemed to trigger the predatory instincts of the bass. We had great success using it for both casting and trolling, and found that it worked well in both shallow and deep water.

Overall, our summer of testing and experimenting with the various fishing lures from Walmart was an absolute success. It was fun process to test it all. We found several lures that we will definitely be using for many fishing trips to come and some are total bust.

Don't get me wrong it is bust because maybe we did not use correctly, maybe it was not the season,time or fish God was not there, it may be even your go to one where you fish.

We highly recommend giving these lures a try if you are in the market for some new bass fishing gear. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner, these lures are sure to help you land some big catches. And who knows, you might just discover your new favorite lure in the process! Over the years we learned not to go with some ad but go with what locals say to find the best lure because there will be always some different factor, look at the most sold or empty price tag at big box store that is usually what you need.

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