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How to make gravlax?

Thinking what to do with that Salmon fillet? Simple receipe for gravlax

Gravlax is a type of cured salmon that originated in Sweden. It is made by marinating fresh salmon in a mixture of salt, sugar, and dill for several days. The resulting gravlax has a delicate, flavorful taste and a tender, moist texture.

To make gravlax at home, you will need a fresh salmon fillet, salt, sugar, dill, and a few other ingredients.

-Friend with 2 lb Salmon (or any size)

-2 cup sugar

-2 cup salt


-Gin or Vodka (shot glass)


-Extra Virgin Olive Oil

-Plastic Wrap



Begin by mixing together the salt, sugar, and dill to create a curing mixture. Take skin off completely, rinse the salmon and dry it with clean towel (paper towel works fine), brush the surface with gin or vodka ,apply thin layer on both sides of fillet.

Open a plastic wrap and place the fillet in middle, Apply salt and sugar than coat the salmon fillet with the mixture, making sure to cover it evenly both sides. The trick is 1 to 1 salt and sugar ratio, you decide how much you need based on size of the fish. Entire fish needs to be covered and almost you can't see the fish.

Wrap the salmon with plastic wrap. Place the salmon in a shallow. Place a weight on top of the salmon to help press out excess moisture (few soup cans works fine). Allow the salmon to cure in the refrigerator for at least 36 hours, but preferably 2-3 days, flip the salmon every 6-8 hours, if there is luquid in bowl just empty it. Salmon will get harder and darker color. Once the curing process is complete, wash the fillet with cold water,clean dill and excess salt, dry it with clean cloth, you can apply some oliveoil to surface, the gravlax can be thinly sliced and served as an appetizer or used in a variety of dishes. You can freeze it or keep in refrigerator few days.


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